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Bathroom TV's

Transform Your Bathroom into a Cinematic Oasis with our Premium Quality TVs

Do you find yourself constantly time-crunched in the mornings with no time to catch up on your favourite TV shows? Do you wish you could enjoy entertainment while unwinding in a refreshing bubble bath after a long day? We have the perfect solution to make your bathroom time more enjoyable and luxurious!

We offer an exclusive line of cutting-edge bathroom televisions that withstand wet environments. Our smart bathroom TVs allow you to stream movies, shows, music, and more from your bathtub or shower. Please keep reading to discover why our moisture-sealed bathroom TVs are a must-have upgrade to transform your bathroom into a multimedia oasis!

Experience Bathroom Bliss with Our Wide Range of Shower-Ready TVs and Accessories

We offer an elite selection of waterproof TVs to elevate your bathing experience. Conversely, we boast a selection of top-quality accessories explicitly designed for steamy bathroom settings.

Premium Smart Bathroom TV

Make your bathroom time more enjoyable with a sleek, high-definition smart bathroom TV. Our premium models feature wifi connectivity and streaming capabilities. You can connect it to all your favourite apps and services. With a touch screen and voice commands, you can easily control the TV and navigate different shows, movies and playlists.

Professional Bathroom TV

Our professional bathroom TVs are specially designed for steamy and wet environments. They feature an IPX5 waterproof certification and moisture-sealed casing to withstand splashes. Built-in speakers provide immersive surround sound. These TVs are ideal for larger bathrooms and shower enclosures.

Bathroom TV Accessories

Along with our bathroom TVs, we also offer various mounts, stands and protective covers. Adjustable wall-mounted brackets allow you to position the TV at an ideal viewing angle. Waterproof remote controls make operating the TV simple and convenient. Anti-fog films help maintain clear picture quality.

Which Are the Ideal Locations for Bathroom TVs

Before installing your bathroom television, it's essential to consider the ideal placement for your space. Here are some favourite spots:

Shower Enclosures

Mount your bathroom TV outside a glass shower enclosure for easy viewing while you wash up. The moisture-sealed TV will hold up well to the steamy conditions.

Bathtub Areas

Place a swivelling wall mount near your soaking tub and adjust the angle for comfortable TV watching from a reclining position. The relaxing ambience will make bath time that much more enjoyable.

Sauna Rooms

For an ultra-luxurious sauna experience, add a bathroom TV designed to withstand high temperatures and moisture. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Bathroom TV's FAQ

Do I need a special TV for the bathroom?

Yes, you'll want a moisture-proof TV explicitly designed for bathroom use. Standard TVs can easily get damaged from the high humidity and steam. Bathroom TVs have waterproof coatings and seals to withstand wet environments.

Do you have waterproof TVs?

Yes, our bathroom TV models meet IPX5 standards for water resistance. They can stand up to splashes and wet conditions without any issues. We also offer additional waterproof casings and covers for added protection.

What is the ideal TV size for a bathroom?

For most bathrooms, a 24" to 32" TV is ideal. Smaller showers may only accommodate up to 24". Larger master bathrooms and soaking tub areas can fit 40" + TVs. Please measure your space and choose a size that fits well without overwhelming it.

Is having a TV in the bathroom essential?

While not completely necessary, adding a TV to the bathroom can transform it into a pleasant, spa-like retreat. It allows you to relax and be entertained while bathing and getting ready for the day. For many homeowners, a bathroom TV is an affordable luxury that enhances their daily routine.