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Bobrick Commercial Washrooms

Businesses, establishments, and other institutions can rest assured that their washrooms' needs can be met whatever it is that you have planned. From spaces that show prestige to ones that are intended for simple designs. Our Bobrick line of products spans from hand dryers to small washroom accessories such as waste chutes and grab bars.

Bobrick has built its brand around the trust given to them by its customers. That’s why it has continually developed products that are the best-in-class.

Brand Overview and History

At its core, Bobrick is a brand for design professionals and business owners. They always strive to provide washroom products that can help them serve their customers better. That’s why you’ll find several washroom ranges in their product lineup that coordinate with each other. From the aesthetic to their operational purposes, Bobrick products can surely help make your patrons' visit to the washroom a whole lot better.

Bringing in tradition, quality, and innovation, Bobrick is one of the top brands in the washroom dispenser industry. Since 1906, they have successfully created products that can be seen across the country. 

This company was first established by George Augustus Bobrick. It was managed by their family upon its conception and still is under their management today. Because of this, they maintain to be a family brand  - a constant reminder of their humble beginnings.

In the 100+ years of providing excellent washroom accessories, Bobrick was able to build their business to become a world-leading brand and set the standard in the industry. They currently have 7 manufacturing divisions in strategic locations - the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Due to their reach, Bobrick is able to serve and have a presence in more than 100 countries, helping businesses and architects alike in creating beautifully designed toilets for their patrons.

High-Quality Washroom Dispensers 

To maintain the excellence Bobrick has put out for several years, they made sure that each product they have is made from materials that exceed the industry standard. Their equipment is made from plastic and uses ABS to help keep them sturdy and have good longevity.

The Bobrick Contura Counter Mounted Soap Dispenser even has a shatter-resistant soap container.

Bobrick also made sure that after installation, their products sit snug and secure. Especially those that are designed for babies and toddlers. Their Koala Koala Care Baby Changers are made from hefty material to withstand the movements of children - you know how they are.

A Washroom With Style

You don’t have to sacrifice style and beauty to have durable and efficient washroom dispensers. Our Bobrick line of dispensers still looks at how the products will fit your aesthetic. And as such, you have a wide array of choices for the fit and finish of the design you want.

Our current selection of Bobrick hand dryers includes high-speed, compact, and vandal-resistant dryers in a variety of attractive finishes. You can opt for a sleek polished chrome or prefer to keep it classic with a white or brushed satin style.

This design language extends to Bobrick’s washroom accessories. Soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and waste bins all have subtle looks so as not to clash with your washrooms’ aesthetic.

Their commitment to providing reliable products extends throughout Bobrick’s product line. Depending on the usage and location of your washroom, Bobrick has developed products that can fit your needs.

For washrooms that lean more on having prestigious design and looks, the ConturaSeries would be a perfect addition. Buildings serving the upscale market can benefit greatly from the TrimLineSeries. And for those who want a simple design for everyday use, the Classic Series is the best line for their projects.

Hygienic Washroom Dispensers 

Part of Bobrick’s mission is to create a washroom that works to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and other harmful particles. That’s why most of their products, as long as it’s applicable, have been designed to be touch-free.

Automatic soap dispensers and hand dryers are examples of these products. Our Bobrick line of products will be able to serve its purpose while helping your patrons stay safe and healthy. No more worrying about spreading dangerous diseases.

Cost-effective Washrooms

One of the features building owners, architects, and designers look at is the cost-per-operation of each of the equipment they’ll install in their properties and projects. Operational costs can eat up a huge chunk of profits once they start to pile up. And with bigger buildings, also come the higher number of washroom dispensers that need to be up and running 24/7 to serve patrons.

Bobrick has integrated the philosophy of low-cost operation without compromising on quality and design in their products. As part of their process, the brand always gives thought to the energy costs, battery usage, and wastage of consumables of their washroom equipment.

Another method they do this is by manufacturing washroom accessories that are durable and can withstand long-term use. A heavy and frequent operation can cause wear and tear to washroom items. This is why Bobrick has taken this fact into account and created robust products for their clients.

Through this, customers will have longer periods of usage before having to upgrade their washroom.

Environment-conscious Washroom Products

To help reduce their carbon footprint, Bobrick also has incorporated environmentally-friendly materials and processes in their manufacturing activities. Their equipment and accessories are created to reduce waste and other unnecessary usages of consumables.

In line with this, Bobrick products are designed to use non-proprietary consumables such as soaps and paper towels. With this, customers like you can save on operating costs.

Bobrick products are also LEED compliant. With the advent of the green movement worldwide, more businesses and establishments require environment-friendly designs and equipment in their buildings.

Bobrick is devoted to helping its clients build sustainable establishments. They do this by ensuring that everything that goes into their products does not harm the environment. From the product design to the manufacturing process - all these contribute to the sustainability of Bobrick’s washroom products.

All of Bobrick’s washroom accessories are also manufactured from 50%-70% recycled stainless steel which is ultimately better for the environment and is an added bonus for those who are aiming to have sustainable green buildings.